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There are several mail lists that may be of interest to you. These lists are hosted by Topica, a free service.


Select the email lists you'd like to join, then enter your email address below. It's free!

Birth Father Announcements
Moderated, low-volume list for announcements about the website and topics relevant to birth fathers.

Birth Father Chat
Open discussion forum for birth fathers, friends and supporters for issues that affect our lives.

CA Legislative Alerts
Moderated, low-volume list for announcements related to legislation in California that affects birthfathers or adoption laws in general.


Hosted By Topica

To protect you from spam, you will receive a confirmation email from Topica after your request to join the list. You must reply to confirm your subscription to the list. People who are not on the list may not send messages to the list. Anyone who abuses the lists will promptly be banned from the lists.

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