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Current California Legislation

AB370 Allows adopters to coerce a birth parent into making their consent to adoption immediately irrevocable. (Click here for more info)

SB182 Makes several unnecessary changes to diminish the rights of birth parents. (Click here for more info)

Bill Status Action By Position
AB370 Failed in committee 4/1/03 n/a Against
SB182 Senate Appropriations Committee date TBD TBD Against

Together, we can make a difference!

California's courts and laws are extremely prejudiced against the birth father. Whether it's based on sex or marital status, it seems that discrimination is rampant.

Most birth fathers found themselves in this position unprepared, unaware, and vulnerable. At that point there was nothing they could do to change the "system" to affect their personal outcome.

But the next father to find himself in this position could be your son, your nephew, your brother. It is our duty today to fight for the rights of those who later will find themselves in this vulnerable position. There are no others more knowledgable or capable than those who have been touched by adoption already.

There are many who oppose the birth father. They are organized and have money. It takes unity in numbers to fight this force. The voice of one is a brave cry. The voice of many is a thunderous roar.

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